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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is an epic, open-world role-playing game set in Amalur, a mysterious and magical new fantasy world created by New York Times best-selling author R. A. Salvatore. Brought to life visually through the trademark visceral style of renowned artist and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, Reckoning brings a new level of intense action combat to the RPG genre.



Top 10 Fighter Jets Today


Nothing beats having the best military aircraft or fighter jet to combat terrorists or enemies of the nation. For sure, the country will only get the best fighter jets to safeguard its people from further danger against intruders. Since its invention, fighter jets have truly evolved and are getting better when it comes to features, speed, and design.


The following are the top 10 fighter jets today:

F/A-22 Raptor

    This baby here can fly up in the sky and be virtually unseen. It can out-fly and  outrun every plane there is. This makes every jet fighter ashamed of themselves when the F/A-22 Raptor enters into the scene!


    Eurofighter Typhoon

    As the name itself suggests, has more to offer than what it brings to the eyes. It is dubbed as a multi-role fighter jet. It can attack and carries air-to-air missiles as well. Plus, there is a naval version, too. This fighter jet can be of great help to the air force of the following European countries: UK, Italy, Germany and Spain.



      This plane is dubbed as the newer version of the F-. Not only F-35 will replace the F-16 but also other famous planes in the U.S. namely: A-10, F/A – 18 and AV-8B plus aircraft from different countries, too.


      Dassault Rafale

        This is another type of European plane that is a multi-role fighter that has the same features that of Eurofighter Typhoon. What makes it different is that it has a French air-to-air missiles.


        Su-27 Flanker

          Su-27 Flanker has been considered as one of the most feared fighter planes of Russia. It is highly maneuverable, and designed to match any aircraft in a dogfight.


          F-14D Tomcat

            F-14D Tomcat has been synonymous to wine that aged so finely. This plane has been designed in order to give protection to American carriers. It was capable of doing long-range types of attacks and has also been used against Libya.


            F-16C Fighting Falcon

              Fighting Falcon is a classic fighter plane. This has been exported widely and has a solid record. It is built only through a special order from a variety of export customers. This is one of the most produced modern jet fighters available in the service today.


              F-15C Eagle

                F-15C Eagle has been known to be one of the few single-purpose planes out there. It made a lot of history within the span of 30 years and has gone with a total of 100+ kills and with no losses.


                JAS.39 Gripen

                  JAS.39 Gripen uses the F404 engine (turbofan) which is proudly American. It can even do various missions such as anti-shipping, point-defense intercepting and also ground attacks. It is also very easy to maneuver.


                  FA-18E/F Super Hornet

                    This plane has no limitations of range and has 2 extra weapons for pylons. It is made using a proven design. Once, it even became a tanker.

                    Fighting Games in Flash


                    Fighting games are considered video games, also belonging in the category of killing games. Fighting games are played by using controls to maneuver your character to engage in close combat. The most well known game under this category would be martial arts games. The avatars tend to be resilient fighters normally matching that of their opponents. They each have their signature finishing moves and special attacks, designed to destroy their opponents.

                    One of the types of fighting games is called the Flash Based Fighting Games.  These are fighting games created through the use of flash memory and programming. Since Flash memory is non volatile, this type of computer storage can easy be reprogrammed, altered or deleted. Its convenience made it easy for game creators to design fighting games in a flash. Because of this, it has become so popular in the gaming world that gaming consoles use Flash to design new fighting games.

                    Another good thing about Flash based fighting games is that the files are not so big. Fighting games can be uploaded and download with ease and can be stored in removable discs, temporary computer storage devices like USB s and extended memory cards and drives.

                    Most Flash Based Fighting games can be developed by gamers in the comfort of their homes. As long as they know things about programming and game creation, they can easily create one for themselves. Flash Based fighting games can be as simple as having stick fighters or having street fighters. This type of fighting game can be played by a one r two players.

                    Here are some of the most popular Flash Based Fighting games:

                    1. “Dragon Fist 3” – is purely about martial arts and the moves are based on old kung fu movies.
                    2. “Gundam Fighters” – it’s another flash based fighting game of heroes and antagonists.
                    3. “Bushido Fighter” – a simple single player fighting game. It’s also a martial arts based game.
                    4. “Dynasty Street” – this is a classic example of stick figure fighters.
                    5. “My Brute” – level up and acquire new weapons and tactics to win.
                    6. “Khronos” – this is based on the game “God of War.”
                    7. “Dadgame” – based on a father who wants to destroy the city.

                    Though this type of fighting game is seriously simpler than its counterpart, switching from game to game can be convenient through flash based fighting games. Not only will you get the same fighting satisfaction, you will also get to experience more fighting games in a snap.

                    CBBC Games – Three Different Categories


                    If you are on the verge of choosing a game out of the many CBBC games available, you need to choose carefully which game you want to play. If you want to play the games at random, it is still acceptable but you need to be more organized as to minimize getting bored from playing one game.


                    The following are three categories of CBBC games:

                    1. Games By Show

                    The following are some of the shows that do have its own set of CBBC games:

                    a. The Sarah Jane Adventures

                    b. Shaun The Sheep

                    c. Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab

                    d. Muddle Earth

                    e. Mission 2010

                    f. My Almost Famous Family

                    g. Escape From Scorpion Island

                    h. Nevaland

                    i. M.I. High

                    j. Hider In The House


                    2. Games By Type

                    The following are the types of games:

                    a. switch

                    b. dress up

                    c. creative

                    d. quick play

                    e. puzzle

                    f. platform

                    g. music

                    h. sports

                    i. target


                    3. Games By Theme

                    The following are the different themes for CBBC games:

                    a. art

                    b. animals

                    c. adventure

                    d. design

                    e. cartoons

                    f. food

                    g. fashion

                    h. History

                    i. funny

                    j. music

                    k. nature

                    l. science

                    m. stars

                    n. sport

                    o. travel


                    So, you see it is not easy to choose which game to play. Here is one trick, you choose one category and pick one game that you want to play. Do this over and over again when you have extra time to spend on playing CBBC games.

                    The coolest thing about CBBC games is that they are easy to play, no need any special skill or any technical knowledge in order to master the game. All you need to do is read the instructions and start playing.

                    There is no fuss at all. It is all written in pure and concise manner that even a 5-year old kid can fully understand.

                    Do You Like Online Games? Play Ragdoll Games Online


                    Ragdoll games are amongst the hundreds of different games that you can play online. If you’re a fan of throwing objects around, and playing humorous games that make fun of politicians then these are the games for you! You simply have to play them and see for yourself just how fun the games are. Continue to read on to learn more about some of the ones that you might be interested in playing.

                    Sarah Palin Ragdoll

                    Play around with this fun ragdoll game that is made to look like the presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

                    Boneless Girl

                    Control the fall of the ragdoll boneless girl in this neat game of physics!

                    Play the Skeleton Thing

                    This is a great animation game where you control a skeleton’s movements.

                    Ragdoll Stress Relieve

                    Like the others you can move around this ragdoll. If you’re having a stressful day then this game can definitely take your mind off of some of that stress.

                    Ragdoll Fun

                    Move the ragdoll around into any position that you want; have fun with him!

                    Ragdoll Animator

                    Make a selection between the 15 different animations that are available. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and the arrow keys to move the camera.

                    Alien Ragdoll Room

                    Throw the little alien around with the mouse and the arrow keys, and you can even explode him with bombs.

                    Kick a Friend (Non-Facebook)

                    A humorous game where you drag the mouse and kick the guy as hard as you can with a leg. Just drag the mouse and kick!

                    Robot Ragdoll

                    Throw the neat looking robot around and what him fall through the obstacle course of circles.

                    Kitty Throw

                    How far can you throw the little kitten? Use the ragdoll and throw the kitten as far as you can!

                    Ace Combat Assault Horizon


                    Namco Bandai has recently unveiled the latest in the ongoing popular Ace Combat series. Ace Combat Assault Horizon is the long awaited follow-up to Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. Details about the release are few and even the release date itself is currently unknown. However the Namco Bandai press release has a projected 2011 date which is right around the corner.

                    What is known is that Ace Combat Assault Horizon will feature both online multiplayer components as well as single player modes. A short trailer featuring game play and some screen shots were also released which can be seen below. Judging by what they show, you can expect non stop action, very graphic air combat with realistic effects, missiles hitting planes, flying debris and aircraft being ripped apart. In the past Ace Combat games were released solely for the Xbox 360. However, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users are in luck this time around as this title will be released on these two platforms.

                    Even though Ace Combat Assault Horizon picks up where its 2007 predecessor left off, don’t expect this to be a standard follow-up release. The producers of the game claim this will be a rebirth in the series with lots of new unseen features while taking the players into a new direction. Action will include high speed flying throughout the city in between skyscrapers, helicopter fights and shooting enemies with ground level consequences. Not only are you unsafe in the air but the falling fires and burning oil from the sky turn the streets into a war zone as well. Keep this in mind as you may have to quickly eject from your aircraft and parachute right into it! This is the most explosive air combat game in the Ace Combat franchise. Ace Combat Assault Horizon is rated PEGI 12 due to violence.

                    Here is the official trailer released by Namco Bandai for Ace Combat Assault Horizon: Courtesy of http://acecombatassaulthorizon.namcobandaigames.eu/

                    Screenshots of the game:

                    Coping with videogame addiction


                    video-game-addictionAs videogames become more and more elaborate and detailed, addiction to them will continue to rise. It’s no secret that global videogame addiction is on the rise. This is a problem for not only the youth but for adults as well. No matter the age of the person affected, the problem itself has to be ended.

                    Just as with any addiction the first thing a person can do to break free from it is admit there is a problem. In order to determine whether or not you have a problem in the first place, just ask yourself a few of the following questions. How often am I thinking about and/or playing games? Are videogames affecting my life in a negative way? Has anyone or anything been neglected due to my game use? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you may want to re-evaluate your position on video games. Playing games is supposed to be fun, not an escape from real world problems. You shouldn’t be brushing off friends because you would rather be by yourself with your games. Your significant other shouldn’t be repeatedly asking you to get off the game to spend time with them. Once you reach this point the gaming should obviously be seen as a problem.

                    For the average person playing videogames is something done in leisure while for others it’s a way of life. For those who are heavily involved in the videogame culture, breaking the habit of compulsive playing will be difficult. However, it is in the person’s best interest to admit the problem and work towards a solution. It’s easy to say just stop playing. When you think about someone who has grown up gaming though, it will take more than that to get them to either stop or limit the time they play. If a person can begin to limit the amount they play on a daily basis, slowly decreasing that amount, they will have success. This weaning off process is similar to what people do who have substance abuse problems. Medical professionals simply allow them less and less of the drug until the dosage level reaches zero.

                    Depending on the circumstances and the severity of the addiction, more drastic measures may need to be taken. Support groups are set up around the country to aide people in videogame addiction. These types of groups get people who have had and who may be going trough the same situation together to talk about their lives. This form of therapy can have a powerful effect on people’s lives and help them break the cycle of videogame addiction.

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